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About us

Triviva Ltd/OOD is a company located in Dobrich, Bulgaria. It was established in 2016 and the main activity of the company is processing of essential oil crops such as Lavandula angustofolia, Achilea mellefolium, Chamomilla recutita (German) and Melissa officinalis and extracting high quality essential oils by method of steam distillation. Our distillery is one of the biggest in the country. It employs the latest technology and standards to ensure high quality service.  Being located in one of the largest agricultural centers in the country we help many local farmers to process their production. We employ all of our experience and the Bulgarian traditions in growing our own fields of lavender and yarrow.

Six 10 m³ containers are used for processing essential oil crops using the method of steam distillation. The plants are carefully filled in by hand which ensures that every bit of raw materials is processed. During the season we work restlessly providing a service for farmers in the whole of Dobrudja. For each individual type of oil we have a strict distillation process guaranteeing extraction of the highest quality oils. Our distillary is also certified for organic production of essential oils, with management system certificate BDS EN ISO 9001:2015.

Our fields

We, the founders of Triviva, have been looking after lavender plantations for the past seven years. The Lavender and Yarrow fields spread all around Dobrudja. The varieties we grow  HemusSevtopolisJubileeHebar, are carefully selected. They yield some of the highest quality oil in the world. The climate in this region is very favorable for growing essential oil bearing plants. Knowing that cultivating essential oil crops is an all year job, we try to give our fields the best care possible. It is very important to harvest the lavender at the right time that’s why we rely on our own harvesters and transportation to do that job.

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